¿Trantapaleta eléctrica o manual?

Electric or manual pallet truck?

As marketers of spare parts for forklift trucks , we know that an electric lifting equipment facilitates storage tasks and increases productivity. Due to this, most logistics companies use electric pallet trucks, to the detriment of manual ones, which are increasingly in disuse.

One of the advantages of the electric pallet truck is that it does not require a large investment, if you compare it with the profitability of its use. Although a hand pallet truck is cheaper than an electric one, the increase in productivity and efficiency using the latter is greater than using the former, with generally very favorable conditions for any small or medium-sized company.

Our range of spare parts and electric pallet trucks can satisfy the demands of any storage and transport company. The wide variety of models of electric pallet trucks makes them adapt to any task: compact, pedestrian, driver on board, with folding platform, stackers, etc. Versatility is another advantage of the electric pallet truck over the manual one.

Another advantage of the electric pallet truck is the improvement of the working conditions for the operator. This tool, unlike the hand pallet truck, greatly facilitates the work and minimizes the effort that the worker must make. In this way, while minimizing the risk of injury, safety in handling the load is increased.

Autonomy is another advantage of an electric pallet truck. Equipped with a high capacity battery, these devices are capable of working hours continuously, and with fast charges due to the lithium batteries.

At Recambios JV Elevacion we sell manual and electric pallet trucks, as well as spare parts with express delivery to cover your needs. Contact us and we will advise you on the best option for your business.